Wearing the Veil~ a Spiritual Journey with Our Lady (Part 1)

                For over a year, I have been thinking about wearing a veil while in the presence of Our Lord at Church. It didn’t occur to me until I reflected on it for this writing, but it was shortly after renewing my consecration to Our Blessed Mother Mary, using the booklet 33 Days to Morning Glory  by Father Michael Gaitley that it really began to be on my mind. Some women say they have felt called  to wear the veil. I believe them, as it has felt something like that for me, although I hesitate to use that word, for fear of coming across as anything special. It is actually what Our Lady is doing in hearts that is something special, and I cannot deny that I have felt drawn to wearing a veil for some time.

A few weeks ago, I shared an article on Facebook that a Catholic lady had written about wearing a veil. I posted it with just the comment “hmmmm….”, relaying that I was giving it some thought. I quickly got some “likes”, and then a little persuasion from a friend from my parish, Rebecca, that we should wear them. (She is the wife of Brad Schepisi, founder of Laudare.org.) I suggested that Lent would be a good time to start, and so we resolved to begin on Ash Wednesday. A few other friends saw the post or asked us about it since then, and have decided to do so as well. (I will also mention that veils are not commonly seen at our parish.) They all seem as excited about honoring Our Lord in this way as I do!

I know there are other ladies thinking about it too, because some have spoken to me about it, or asked where I got my veil. The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I should share my experience, and so I decided to chronicle it in the hope that it may help other ladies to decide to wear a veil (or not).

Now I entitled, this, Wearing the Veil~ a Spiritual Journey with Our Lady, because I strongly feel that it is part of my spiritual journey, and that she has something to teach me that will bring me closer to Jesus. That doesn’t mean that it is part of your spiritual journey. There seems to be a lot of very spirited and differing opinions about wearing a veil or not, ranging from saying it should be mandatory as is it is written by Saint Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, and has always been a tradition for women to cover their heads up until this past century– to the opinion that it makes women subservient, and women who veil are drawing attention to themselves and not Jesus, and for other reasons concluding it is a tradition that should be buried and stay that way. So I am not  writing this to stir any controversy, or make a statement about whether anyone else should or should not veil in Church. Although I doubt it, I can’t positively say it is something I will always continue myself. For now, I am simply recording my thoughts and reflections about it as I go through Lent, and asking My Blessed Mother Mary to open my eyes, to teach me to pray more like her, and to be more like her in virtue and her love for Jesus. I decided to write this in parts, as I am also totally trusting that Our Lord, and His Beautiful Mother will inspire me with things to share as I go along. I invite you to follow along with me, and let’s see what beautiful things God may do and show us. Perhaps wearing the veil for Our Lord will become part of your own spiritual journey too.

This video from www.truefaith.tv was very influential in helping me decide to wear the veil:

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