Want to see God? Come to a Catholic church: Implications of the Eucharistic belief

(From my personal site theblackcatholic.com)

A thought during Mass today:

One of the most amazing things about being Catholic are implications of our Eucharistic faith regarding Jesus. We believe that the very SAME Jesus who lived and walked 2000 years ago is literally in our churches in the Eucharist.

The Jesus who did miracles, forgave sins, preached to multitudes, suffered, died, and rose from the dead, yeah THAT SAME Jesus appears at every Mass and is in every tabernacle this very moment. We celebrate the Ascension today; so the same one who ascended to the Father is there.

We have God in our churches in a very concrete and tangible way through the Eucharistic presence in having the same Jesus on our altars. We cannot underestimate such a out of this world belief this is. If this is true, this change everything and the world should be at our door.

And then with all this, we receive Him into our bodies. The God and meaning every soul longs for, at Mass.

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