In God We Trust

“In God We Trust”, in such simple language, reveals the simple creed of A Nation’s faith.


It’s not the president, the Federal Government or the Federal Reserve we trust!   It’s not the Democrats or the Republicans!  It’s not flags, cakes, monuments or the media we place our Trust.  Our trust is not ensconced in the institutions of healthcare, the FDA or the EPA or the Pastor at the local church, our friends, neighbors or ourselves!  Our Nation’s Trust – is in God!

In the United States, 89% of Americans still believe in God [2]!  We might not act like it most times but faith is still an important issue.  We struggle with what that means and how we should address it in the public square.  Our Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, gives us “Freedom of Religion” not “Freedom from Religion”, although, you can choose that if you desire.   We are a religious people!  The entertainment industry, humanists, and the “squeaky wheels” would have you believe otherwise, that we, the people, have surpassed the mythology of God, faith and religion and that religions are pesky holdovers from a bygone era of bigoted men promoting superstition over reason.  Ridiculous!  One only has to read documents of early Church Fathers, of St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Pope John Paul II and others to understand that Faith and Reason have always been considered, “two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth…” [3}


We struggle with faith.  Our founding Fathers did not all believe the same dogmas about God.  They came from varied belief systems, but they were all unanimous in declaring that the source of all inalienable rights issued from a divine power.  That Divine power, to them, was self-evident.  In the “Declaration of Independence” the founding fathers state a unanimous belief in a creator, of Natural law, a Nature’s God and Divine Providence! [1]  They stated we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Hundreds of years later, we now debate what “Life” is.  We demand “liberties” that are “Licentious” and our “happiness” is no longer a “pursuit” but an “entitlement”!  Our fallen human nature opposes divine life, yet we seek it in our brokenness.  We still believe in God through our struggles, doubts and personal short comings.  The struggle of Faith is real, but that does not make God false.


To say “In God We Trust” requires the “virtue of Faith”!  Faith is a “gift of supernatural grace” from God that is above our reason.  To say, “In God We Trust” is an assent of the will and intellect to the basic Truth of God.  HE IS.  We may not all understand this fully, or believe the same things about God but we are open to Him.  The monotheistic religions; Judaism, Islam and Christianity profess differing beliefs but agree in the existence of one God.  Our Nation does not promote one religion over another, yet allows them to exist together in communities all over the United States.  We can all proclaim together, “In God we Trust”.  A nations protection of this simple faith of belief in a God allows us to live a life of freedom seeking the greater Truths of God.


This current world is temporary!  Our Nation is temporary!  Our lives are temporary!  Eleven percent of our society has doubted, mocked and rejected the idea and person of God and insist on raising humanity above God; to be god!  Where does this get us?  Ultimately, servitude to man instead of service unto God.  Our life is but a vapor, but each one of us is created in the image of God to know him, to love him and to serve him in this world so we can be with him for eternity in Heaven!


“In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me? “

~Psalm 56:11


Is this what you believe or does this sound absurd?  Absolutely, the struggle is real, yet;  “In God We Trust!”





[3] Pope St. John Paul II, Fides et Ratio, no. 1

Blaine Williams

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