Deep calls unto deep

Deep is calling to deep as your cataracts roar; all your waves, your breakers, have rolled over me. Psalm 42:7

I’ve always been a little afraid of deep water, but still, I have jumped into it, and if you have too, you know well the sensation of sinking into its depth. Surrounded by it, and for a few seconds before you feel the need to take a breath, it feels like a different world, quiet, still, comforting in a way.
Anything could be happening above the surface, a storm raging with waves crashing, but below in the deep water there’s a feeling of detachment, peace, protection even.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…” Jeremiah 1:5

This image of the deep water makes me think of a baby in his mother’s womb. He does not know or care about anything happening outside of that protected watery place that is his home for nine months. I’ve wondered, when God creates our soul at conception, and for that period of time in the womb, if there is a quiet communication that goes on between God and the soul, a wordless “knowing” of the One to the other.

Jesus said “Out of the mouths of babes, and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.” ~ Mt 21:16  Not only does He know us, but maybe one reason why babies and little ones convey such innocence, love, and perfect praise is because they come out of the womb already knowing God. I believe that even before we had awareness, God was calling, and loving us in the womb. It is then, I think, that loving truths were “written on our hearts”. A loving God, who “thought” of us long before we were conceived would begin to share His love with us the moment we were conceived, wouldn’t He?

I believe this wordless communication between God and a soul happens at death too. Even with someone who is at the stage of death when he can no longer speak, nor respond, I’ve seen evidence that there is some kind of spiritual exchange happening. If you have been at the side of someone who is dying in the peace of the Lord, you likely know what I mean. Of course, if this Divine exchange happens at the beginning, it would happen at the end as well. Wouldn’t it?

“Deep calls unto deep.”

It is this prayer of the deep, this knowing of God, that the Lord calls each of us to now, God calling each soul to Him with tender and profound love, and the soul answering without words, simply abiding with Him, loving Him in return. And like the echo of a whale’s soulful moan in the deep, our frailties, the cares of our hearts, the wounds of our spirit reach Him.

And then, in the deep, perhaps even unknown to anyone else, in His tender compassion, He begins to quietly repair, restore, and transform the soul…to be like Himself. 

And the soul, begins to see himself, others, and the world like never before.

After acknowledging his sins, and weaknesses, and giving them all to Him with sorrow, the Lord can then say to the soul, “My grace is enough for you! My power is at its best in weakness.”  ~ 2 Corinthians 12:19

“Christ does not force our will. He takes only what we give him. But he does not give himself entirely until he sees that we yield ourselves entirely to him”- St.Teresa of Avila

The Lord never forces himself upon us. Love never does that. He watches, and waits, patiently, for one to make an effort, even a paltry one, and then like an expectant and excited mother or father whose child comes bringing a withered flower as a gift, He rushes forward, arms open, then embracing, holding each one near, and whispering sweet words… “Thank you, my child. I love you. You are mine.”

Yes, He thanks us. What kind of a God is this who thanks His creatures?

Oh my Lord, how can my words convey or even touch the mysterious and profound depths of your Love?!!

This God, who created all the wonders of the universe, then becoming man, and taking all of my sin upon himself, suffered an agonizing death on the cross, so that I may have eternal happiness gently calls, and then…
waits for me.

My friend… He waits for you too.

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