The Great Equalizer: How the Sacraments Make Us All Equal [uCatholic]

The following is a preview of an article I wrote for uCatholic on June 14, 2018, and I wanted to share it on Laudare.

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Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton, the first recognized African American priest in U.S. history.

I founded my BLACKCATHOLIC apostolate on Easter day 2018, and during the octave week that followed, I was discussing it with my priest. Since the main target for my outreach is towards the Black community our conversation switched to the question of how we as Catholics can reach out more effectively to Black people for the Church.

I remember suggesting that one of the ways we could improve our outreach is by becoming more acquainted with the problems and needs facing my community and propose that the Catholic Church provides the best solutions to these problems from both a material and spiritual standpoint as its advocate before God and man. Then we talked about the tragic epidemic of fatherlessness among Black families and how important having a dad around is, especially for young men.

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